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Honesty really is the best policy...

Why do a site survey? Because each property and customer is different when it comes to electric car chargers for the home. Although, every job will include a 'basic installation' charge, your preferences, property and installation requirements are unique, so your quote will be unique and bespoke to you.

Our service starts when you first get in touch; we are based locally and able to visit your property to carry out any initial site survey work (some installers ask homeowners to do this part, uploading photos and videos via portals (yikes), but getting this right at the beginning is crucial, as it can affect the overall price and make things a lot more expensive than expected.)


So that you don't have to, we will come to you and do the technical assessment with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION site survey!

Following this, we'll give you an accurate quote for the cost of installation. Then if you are happy, we take care of the rest (including Grant Funding applications*).


We are honest and upfront about the costs of each EV Charge Point installation and OK, we haven’t got the buying power that large national companies have, but we do offer a hassle free, quality service and we try our very best to get you the most competitive price from our suppliers. We always aim to complete the work in the fastest possible time and we will never try to sell you more than you need or convince you to sign up to extended warranty's etc. Then after all is said and done, we're never too far away to solve problems, quickly and with a smile!


Take a look at our guide prices here, these based on a 'basic installation' plus your Charge point, but type, location and cable length are just some of the things that may affect your final quote - view our handy guide which explains what a 'basic installation' includes, as well as things that come in as extra costs. 

Lastly, let’s talk GRANT FUNDING - we are OLEV registered, which means we have the knowledge to advise you on the best charge point to go for, which ones qualify and what potential savings that you'll make. So if it makes sense financially and if you wish to go ahead, we will do all the application paperwork on your behalf*.  



*Domestic customers only. SMART Chargers only.

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