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Being a small business we understand what it’s like to be bombarded with technical jargon and we're still close enough to our roots to remember that clarity is crucial when it comes to the price of a job! 

For a completely accurate quote, the best thing to do is call us, so we can visit you for a site survey - then we can give you a quote that is unique to you. If you need to see figures, before you make any decisions, then take a look below - although we've not hidden anything, these prices are a guide as they are based on our 'basic installation' and assume the maximum Grant Funding from OLEV.

Your preferences, property and installation requirements are unique, so your quote will be unique and bespoke to you. These website prices are a guide based on a 'basic installation', but charger type, location and cable length are just some of the things that may affect your final quote.  

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